Interesting Facts About Whales

Whales are a unique creature and there are many interesting things about them that people do not know. There are some interesting facts about whales that will make this creature even more amazing.


The blue whale is considered to be the largest known mammal to have lived. The whale can be as much as 105 feet long and can weigh 150 tons or more. To put this into perspective it will be the same weight as 150 cars.


Male whales are referred to as bulls. The female whale is called a cow. The young are considered to be calves.


Most species of whales do not have teeth. They have whales have what is known as a baleen which are plates. They will take in water and filter out the small fish. The fish will be swallowed whole. The whales that have baleens include blue whales, right whales, and the humpback whales. Female wheel are often bigger than the males.


While many people think that whales all look the same but they are features that make it easy to tell them apart. These whales are markings on the underside of the tail fin. Each whale has a different pattern on their tail so they will be easy to tell apart.


The humpback whale has an interesting feeding pattern. The whales will only eat fish during the summer months. After this time they will live off of the fact they have stored during the winter. The whales only eat during this one reason and the rest of the year they are fine.


The beluga wheel is really into music. This whale loves music and they respond to the tones. Some of the whales can even engage in a synchronized dance. A group of artists installed an underwater sound system on their boat and took it out to see. Once they entered beluga ground they played the music. These whales showed a great interesting in the music and responded to it.


Bowhead whales can have a lifespan that lasts for over 200 years. The average lifespan for this whale is between 60 and 90 years but scientists have discovered a couple of these whales that were over 200 years old.


Sperm whales sleep in a unique position. When these whales go to sleep they are vertical in the water. Their heads bob up and down on the surface while the rest of the whale is underwater. These whales are only able to sleep between the hours of 6 pm and midnight.


There are some whales that adopt other specials that have been abandoned. Whales are gentle creatures even though they are so large. A pod of sperm whales adopted a dolphin that had a deformed spine. These whales accepted that dolphin as part of their pod and took care of it.

Some of the female whales have been seen treating inanimate objects as babies. They have been seen treating planks and other small objects like a calf.


These are some interesting facts about whales. These mammals are some of the largest on Earth and these facts make them amazing creatures. If you’re interested in saving these beautiful creatures, we have other articles discussing small ways of minimizing damage to the ocean. Read on our article on how to kill weeds naturally


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